Zi-Long Li Nonlocal Transport caused by Viscous Electron Flow 12/4/2019

Electrons in ultra clean solid state devices can behave as a viscous fluid. In this talk, I discuss the nonlocal transport signatures of electronic viscous flow following the treatment in Ref. [1]. Employing a hydrodynamic approach, I will show that the viscous electron flow leads to a negative nonlocal resistance in confined two-dimensional geometry. Furthermore, I will demonstrate the robustness of this result against changes in the boundary condition and the geometry. Finally, I will present the experimental results from Ref. [2], which shows consistence with the theory.


  1. Lenoid Levitov and Gregory Falkovich, "Electron viscosity, current vortices and negative nonlocal resistance in graphene", Nature Physics 12, 672 (2016).
  2. D. A. Bandurin et al, "Negative local resistance caused by viscous electron backflow in graphene", Science 351, 1055 (2016).